Wedding in Santorini

Santorini, one of the most gorgeous islands of the Cyclades group, is one of the most sought-after destinations for weddings. Couples all over the world go there to tie the knot among a dramatic landscape, ancient ruins and unforgettable sunset s over the Aegean. (more…)

Dive the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are surrounded by clear blue seas. The color contrasts beautifully with the stark limestone cliffs and bright white buildings that are so characteristic of island architecture, and it makes sailing and just walking on the beach in this part of the world into something magical. (more…)

Santorini Honeymoon Packages

Santorini is a beautiful island with an amazing view in the area of Greece. Because the island is beautiful, has tons of attractions, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of restaurants to enjoy the dining experience, this island is definitely an ideal spot for couples who are on their honeymoon. (more…)

Santorini Beaches

There are nine beaches on the island and they are generally set up with loungers, umbrellas and refreshments. The beaches are very different from the traditional white sand variety seen elsewhere. Because of its volcanic birth the sand is red or black and some beaches are pebbled. (more…)

Alizea Villas & Suites

Alizea Villa is a perfect choice for holidays in Santorini, Greece, one of the world’s most vibrant destinations. This property is positioned in a privilege area in Fira, the island’s capital. This family run hotel offers modern amenities and facilities. (more…)

Zephyros Hotel

Zephyros hotel is a C class hotel, located in Kamari the most famous beach resort of Santorini. It lies at 250 meters from the beach, 5 km from the airport, 14 km from the port of Athinios, 8 km from the capital of Thira, 100 meters from the bus stop. It is a complex of buildings built in traditional cycladic style with swimming pool in the middle surrounded by a flower garden. (more…)