The immigration authorities and foreign ministry have proper websites for applying visa. They will instruct the person and what is all the documents need for verification and they will also provide instructions on how to apply. Some of the documents that are advised to showing for verification in the embassy of the particular country are, visa application form, proof of payment, birth certificate, passport and other documents of official invitation, accommodation arrangements as well as transport tickets.

The cost of the visa is depending on nationality of the person, number of time they will visit, length and validity of staying and also the purpose of travel, sometimes the mode of apply also decide the charges of visa. Different country groups decide the cost, Vietnam and some other countries are applying cost 45 US dollars for up to ninety days of staying.

If the person traveling around the border regions of the country they can get reducing charges in Vietnam visa cost, sometimes the quick visit to the country and the trip has completed in single day can avoid the cost of visa also. For children, charged some time with reduced fees and the maximum age should not above ten. Sometimes those who are going with government scholarships can get waiving in the fees of visa. These are the details that are completely situated in the embassy of the particular country, in such cases direct payment for online application by using credit or debit cards.