If you expect the best resort and hotel to stay while visiting Port Ghalib, here are famous resort and hotel which you can choose based on your own taste. The Palace Port Ghalib for instance, this one provides you with combination of the stunning view from Red Sea with the beauty of Arabian architecture.

If you love about the tale of eternal love, you better consider this one. Spending your time at Port Ghalib resort, this is also a good idea, moreover if you love such a rustic environment with exotic garden. The addition of salt water lagoon and freeform-styled pool, this one is your best place to relax and unwind your body and mind.

Setting a plan to visit new environment once a while, it benefits mental healthiness. The new place can be anywhere that you prefer, however, if you expect the mixture of luxury and beauty as one package, Port Ghalib is your best destination.

Back then some years ago Port Ghalib is dessert coastline without any attraction. But don’t you get the wrong impression, since Port Ghalib now is no longer a ugly duckling, but a beautiful swan. Visiting Port Ghalib, you will be welcomed with fascinating resort and hotel where you can lean back and relax.

Or if you want to look for a good facility like Kid Club, but dislike the idea to give up salt water lagoon, Siva Port Ghalib is your a perfect place to stay. Moreover, if you love beach so much as you can simply has it as your backyard.

Apart from its hotel and resort, for outdoor activity, there are many options to choose depending on your preference. If you love shopping there are plenty good places to go, or else if you look for sport activity, this is within your reach. Perhaps, you want to spend more time in Port Ghalib, consider buying a property there.