Polish curiosities by ITS DMC Poland
Usually the biggest, the oldest and the highest are adjectives that catch people’s attention and tourists’ in particular. People greatly enjoy having photos from such sights in their holiday’s collections. Poland, which is located in the central Europe, is becoming more and more recognised as a tourist destination on the map of European Union countries. This is why we want to show you some of the most interesting Polish records and curiosities sent to us by ITS DMC Poland. In other words, straight from the Polish horse’s mouth.

Most interesting Polish curiosities by ITS DMC Poland:

    • • Malbork Castle in Malbork
      • St. Marys Basilica in Gdansk
      • Wooden Pier in Sopot.
      • The Main Market Square in Kraków
      • Peace Churches in Świdnica and Jawor
      • Lichen Basilica
      • Figure of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe in Świebodzin
      • Lighthouse in Świnoujście

Malbork Castle

It was constructed by Medieval crusaders out of beautiful red brick. The total area of the castle in Malbork is about 21 hectares, which makes it the largest castle in the world. It is estimated that it was built of 16 million bricks and 2 million tiles. The whole construction includes 3 castles: upper, middle and lower ones. ITS Poland DMC advises to see this unique UNESCO World Heritage List attraction if you happen to be in Gdansk area.

St. Mary’s Basilica

St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk is quite a colossal building in the very centre of Gdańsk Old Town. Although its interior design is not very impressive because of the white walls and the lack of polychromies, it impresses with its sheer size. It is the biggest church made of bricks in the world. The church is 5 thousand square meters in size, 82 meters high (at its highest point) and 105 meters long. ITS DMC Poland states that the church is available for tourists all year long and there is no official entrance fee to the building, just a voluntary offering for the needs of the church.

Wooden Pier in Sopot

It is one of the most popular walking boulevards in the country and the biggest seaside resort attraction. It is also the longest wooden pier in Europe. It is 511,5 metres long. The entrance fee, according to ITS DMC Poland, is only payable during warm months (end of April till September).

Main Market Square in Krakow

Cracow (Pol. Kraków) is the most popular tourist destination in Poland and the former country’s capital city. It is also enlisted at prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The beating heart of the Old Town is the Main Market Square. It is Europe’s largest medieval square. It is in the shape of a square exceeding 200 meters on each side. It is a perfect place to enjoy the historic atmosphere of Cracow in numerous restaurants and cafes scattered all around. ITS DMC Poland advises to look carefully around at the market square as tourist will find a few first class monuments there: St. Mary’s Church, the Cloth Hall, Adam Mickiewicz Monument, The Old Town Hall Tower and also two exciting museums located in the Clothes Hall: Arts Museum and Underground Museum of the Main Market Square.

Peace Churches in Jawor and Świdnica

They are both located at Lower Silesia region near Wrocław City. They are enlisted at prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List and enchant tourists with their size and splendour. Entirely wooden constructions not only survived to this day but also attract tourists from all over the world. Peace Church in Świdnica is the biggest wooden church in Europe. Its interior can accommodate up to 7.5 thousand people. ITS Poland advises either hiring a local guide or listening to audio guide descriptions of both temples.

Licheń Basilica

It is one of the most controversial modern architectonical enterprises in the country. Probably because of the fact that the grand basilica is located in a very small village. The building phase ended in 2004. The new sanctuary is a 5 aisle basilica with a dome on top of it. It is the biggest church in Poland, the 7th one in Europe and the 11th one in the world. At the basilica’s bell tower there is also the biggest bell in Poland – Mary Mother of God (which weights almost 15 tones). The organs are also the biggest ones in the country. They have 157 voices and about 20 thousand pipes. ITS Poland recommends joining Lichen visit with Kłodawa pink salt mine sightseeing.

Figure of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe in Świebodzin

It is the tallest Christ figure in the world even higher than its famous predecessor from Rio de Janeiro. Another curiosity is that similar to Lichen Basilica, it is located in the small village, though it can be clearly seen from the highway. The reinforced concrete sculpture is 36 meters high, of which 33 meters stands for the figure of Jesus, and 3 meters for the gilded crown atop the monument. ITS DMC Poland claims that it is good to take small detour from the highway and save at least 30 min to admire the construction.

Lighthouse in Świnoujście

It is the highest brick lighthouse in Europe. It is 65 meters high and 308 steps lead to its very top. The range of light is 25 nautical miles. ITS DMC Poland states that it is possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse to admire Świnoujście panorama and also it is wort to see a small exhibition in the lighthouse building about sea navigation.

As you can see from the above mentioned examples, Poland has a lot of interesting places worth being discovered. The above mentioned ones are just a mere fraction of all interesting spots that you can visit in this central European country. If any of these points grabbed your attention and mesmerized your imagination, feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland. This Destination Management Company with a long tradition, will definitely ensure the biggest comfort of your stay.