Banyuwangi is now being dressed up to be more attractive to tourists. There are at least three new destinations already prepared a visit from the reservoir of cool, until the beach is gorgeous.

3 new tourist destinations in Banyuwangi:

  1. Sidodadi Glenmore Reservoir

Desinasi first for traveler visit when going to Banyuwangi is Sidodadi Glenmore Reservoir. Travel Sidodadi Reservoir (WWS) is opened to the public last December 20, 2015, in the village location of WWS Karangharjo, Glenmore subdistrict, Banyuwangi. Originally the dam was built just to irrigate sugar cane and cocoa farms. However because the scenery is lush and beautiful, the manager finally opened this place as a tourist destination.

In these places, a traveler can enjoy a variety of games that are served ranging from ATVs, duck water and motor circuits. Not only is it to learn about the nature become more interesting to study the dragon fruit orchards and cocoa, there is also a camping ground, a fishing pond, a swimming pool and the inn. A 160-meter flying fox are also available.

The layout of this dam is also located close to the South Ring Road that connects Pacitan to Banyuwangi. Its location is still inline with Glenmore sugar factory is being built. Thus, a traveler should not hesitate to visit the reservoir area of 2 hectares.

  1. Grand New Watu Dodol

Both fairly new destinations also in Banyuwangi is Grand New Watu Dodo. This is a beach which is located very strategically, due to proximity to the Port of Ketapang. From this beach can also be seen Tabuhan Island and Pulau Menjangan who are already popular.

The entrance fee to get into these places for the day Monday to Saturday Rp 5 thousand for the week and $ 7 thousand. According to the officer on guard, Sunday is a day where the beach is the most visited by tourists. Especially when the Eid holiday, could dipastian number of visitors will membeludak.

Watu Dodo of this, a traveler can cross to the Menjangan Island at a cost of Rp 1.5 million and Rp 600 thousand to cross to the island Tabuhan. The price includes meals, rent diving equipment, underwater photographs and traveling pp for six people.

Although not crossed, a traveler can still enjoy the view of the Turkish Grand New Watu Dodo. There are several gazebo or halls that can be used to rest with the family. On the edges of the coast there are benches made from coconut trees. Moreover, if while enjoying coconut ice, fresh Whew!

  1. Bangsring Under Water

Lastly, the latest destination in Banyuwangi can a traveler visit during Lebaran is Bangsring Underwater (Bunder). Maritime destination is located in Krajan, Bangsring Village, District Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi. Jarajnya approximately 27 km from the city of Banyuwangi to the north.

Here, a traveler can experience diving and snorkeling around the cages. When snorkeling, tourists can enjoy the exotic underwater scenery filled with coral reefs, colonies of soft coral and a variety of ornamental fish.

A traveler can also test your nerve by swimming with the children of sharks in cages floating house, as well as feeding of wild marine fish in the Strait of Bali. Vacationers can cross to the island Tabuhan famous with white sand beaches.

No less than the thousands of people came to this location when the holidays. If you do not want to miss, take advantage of the moment of the Eid holiday to travel to Bangsring Underwater.