Thailand is considered as one of the prominent places for spending the holidays and summer vacation. This is surrounded by more numbers of islands and this is the reason for making more numbers of people to visit the place around the year. Some of the tour package providers are also promoting wedding events with the same and such thing has made people to get attracted towards it. We would be able to see that there are different types of weddings offered by the company and it is based on the requirement of the applicant.

Documents To Be Provided

There are some of the documents to be processed for people getting married in this place. It is must to get the letter from concern country official stating that they are free to marry at any place. Also, a valid passport should be provided and if there is any divorce with the ex-people then original document for the divorce should be provided before getting married. We need to register with the ministry of foreign affairs to make it legally.

At the same time, we need to register with the local office by submitting these necessary documents to make it as more legally. Once it is done, they will be provided with legal certificate of their marriage both in Thailand and English language for their comfort level. Most of the people interested with beach weddings and this would be adding more beauty to the event at the same period of time.

We would be able to select the package based on number of people accompanying the event. They are offering secular be ach wedding and it does not involve any kinds of religion process. It would be considered as usual kind of approach and very common type of wedding by exchanging their rings each other.

Encouraging Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is usually encouraged by the company and we would be able to find more numbers of people are getting registered for the camp at the same time. They will be providing both national and international trips for the same occasion. This is based on the requirement and budget of the people.

They will be explaining clearly on the costs vested on the trip and there is provided with a calculator which would calculate based on the country being listed in it. We need to fill our basic information with the company and it is being followed by paying an application fee of $120. They will be allowed to have police check in the background about the applicant in order to avoid any kinds of risks during camp.

Then, we need to pay a fee of $150 for assessment and circulation fees. We need to pay other kinds of fees in order to make sure about our safety and security. We need to pay a fee of $314 for medical insurance and this would cover entire trips and this will be assisted with a medical representative.