Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most visited cities in Asia as it is known for its culture and tradition. Tourists are coming back to the city of Hong Kong because it offers a lot of fun shopping and very delicious local food. It’s quite the obvious choice when picking a place to go, rather than spinning the globe and randomly pointing your finger to it. So yes, choosing your next trip to Hong Kong is the perfect decision. Now that you’re planning to go to one of the busiest cities in Asia, it’s always more comfortable to book your flights with Cathay Pacific — an easy and direct way to booking a plane ticket.

Since the pandemic, tourists from around the world have been extra cautious about their wellness everywhere they go. The COVID-19 has placed many businesses on hold and many have been permanently closed, but that didn’t stop Hong Kong in opening for tourists around the world. There are some safety measures that needed to be followed though, just like other travel hacks you can do for your next trip to Hong Kong:

1.) Bring a hand sanitizer

Safety first. Make sure to bring your own hand sanitizer with you wherever you go. You don’t know how much germs whatever you’re going to hold along your trip so it’s best for you to bring a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean after touching anything.

2.) Charge up your power bank

You don’t know how long your phone’s going to survive when there are lots of Instagrammable places in Hong Kong. Surely, you’ll enjoy every corner of the city, make sure that your phone has enough battery percentage left for video and picture taking.

3.) Have an Octopus card

What will be a real travel hack to do, upon arriving in Hong Kong is buy yourself an Octopus Card. It is an electronic smart card that can be used throughout the city when you ride a train — can be used to pay for travel on every form of the city’s highly efficient public transportation system. You can use Octopus, too, for purchases in a lot of shops, markets, and restaurants. Card charges may vary from HK$20 – HK$35, with a refundable deposit of HK$50.

4.) Take the train

Hong Kong’s taxis are terribly expensive though readily available to take you anywhere you want to go. Now, if you want to save money for the trip from and to the airport, which is located outside of the city centre, ride along on the Airport Express – it is Hong Kong’s fabulous MTR network.

The train almost feels like a high-speed rail that can whisk you to almost any place in Hong Kong. There are shuttle buses as well at the Hong Kong International Airport to take you to the nearest Airport Express station with free Wi-Fi so you can check in online and browse your next destination to the city.

5.) Plan your itinerary

Preparing an itinerary will help you make the most of your time and travel budget. Save an amount of travel time and commuting expenses by organizing tours and grouping destinations by proximity. People who mourn for lack of pleasant public spaces in the city simply haven’t done their research. The city of Hong Kong is full of privately-owned public areas where you are entitled to hang out with friends and even bring snacks.

These travel hacks will definitely help you with your trip to Hong Kong, given that the city is full of tourists, you will have the upper hand when it comes to having easy access to important places in Hong Kong.